Migrant Student Human Right Survey
2019년 광주광역시 인권단체협력사업의 일환으로 저희 유니버설문화원(UCC)에서
‘외국인대학생 인권실태조사 및 증진, 인권홍보 및 교육을 위한 2019년 인권단체협력
사업’을 진행합니다. 성의있는 답변이 여러분의 인권을 보호할 수 있습니다. 고맙습니다.
유니버설문화원(Universal Cultural Center)
1. Personal Information
1.1. How old are you?(As of September 30, 2019) *
1.2. What gender do you identify with? *
1.3. What is you nationality? *
1.3.1. Other
Your answer
1.4. What is your religion? *
1.4.1. Other
Your answer
1.5. How long have you been in Korea? *
1.6. What are you plans while in Korea? *
1.6.1. What is one reason for your early return home?
1.6.2. Other
Your answer
1.7. Do you have social circle in Korea? *
1.7.1. How does your social circle support you, when studying abroad in Korea?
1.7.2. Other
Your answer
1.8. Do you have any other experience studying abroad in other countries than Korea? *
1.9. Which school are you currently attending? *
1.9.1. Other
Your answer
1.10. What is you major in college? *
Your answer
1.11. Are you satisfied with you major? *
1.12. Why are you dissatisfied with your major?
1.12.1. Other
Your answer
1. 13. What is you academic relationship with you present university? *
2. Academic Life
2.1. What is you overall satisfaction with you Gwangju life? *
2.2. How much of your study do you understand? *
2.2.1. If you understanding in class is 50% or less, please give us reason as to the difficulty.
2.2.2. Other
Your answer
2.3. Why did you choose Gwangju as you academic destination? *
2.4. What led you to choose your current school? *
2.4.1. Other
Your answer
2.5. What do you consider important during you study abroad? *
2.5.1. Other
Your answer
2.6. What are your career plans after graduation? *
2.7. Do you bear the cost of living? *
2.8. What is you monthly budget? (Except housing Fee) *
2.9. Who pays tuition? (Multiple Answer) *
2.9.1. Other
Your answer
2.10. How satisfied are you with your current scholarship system? *
2.11. What is the level of you participation in school events? *
2.12. Are you satisfied with the information the school provides regarding daily campus life? (Dormitory, Accommodation, Amenities etc.) *
2.13. How involved are you in your school club? *
2.14. How are you studying Korean? *
2.15. What resource do you seek out when you need support? *
2.15.1. Other
Your answer
3. Life environment in Korea
3.1. What were you most satisfied with in living in Korea? *
3.1.1. Other
Your answer
3.2. What type of housing do you live in now? *
3.2.1. Other
Your answer
3.3. What has been most challenging to adapt to in Korea? *
3.3.1. Other
Your answer
3.4. Do you have a Korean friend who can help you if something goes wrong in Korea? *
3.5. Have you ever participated in volunteer work and cultural exchange activities? *
3.6. What is the most uncomfortable thing about living in Korea? *
3.6.1. Other
Your answer
4. Prepared to study aboard in Korea
4.1. What was your level of Korean language proficiency when you prepared to study aboard in Korea? (Completed TOPIK Level) *
4.1.1. Other
Your answer
4.2. What is your english language proficiency level? (Relative TOEIC, TOEFL store) *
4.2.1. Other
Your answer
4.3. How were you introduced to Korean language and culture? *
4.3.1. Other
Your answer
5. Situation which Human Right Violated at School
5.1. Have your human right ever been violated at school? *
5.1.1. If your human rights were violated, How did it happen?
5.1.2. Other
Your answer
5.2. Can you identify the assailant?
5.2.1. Other
Your answer
5.3. How did you resolve this human right violation?
6. About Part-time
6.1. Are you currently working part-time? *
6.2. What part-time job do you have?
6.2.1. Other
Your answer
6.3. How did you obtain you part-time job?
6.3.1. Other
Your answer
6.4. How long have you been working at you current position?
6.5. How many hours do you work a day?
6.6. Have you ever signed an employment agreement?
6.7. Are you receiving a minimum hourly pay?(8,350won)
6.8. Do you have 4 the major insurance (4대보험 :health, pension, labor, etc.)
6.9. Have your human rights been violated at part-time job?
6.10. If your human rights were violated, how did it happen?
6.10.1. Other
Your answer
6.11. How did you resolve this human right violation?
6.12. Have you ever been discriminated against while working at your part-time job as opposed to you colleagues?
6.13. What was the discrimination?
6.13.1. Other
Your answer
6.14. Please describe any other difficulties relating to your part-time job.
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7. Finally, please give a description of an acceptable resolution from you school. *
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