Assistant Teacher Application (Deadline Extended: 7/21/2020)
We are looking for student teachers for our 2020-21 Season! A student teacher is a current Dance Fusion high school student who is interested in becoming a teacher or leader in the dance community. All applicants must attend a mandatory Assistant Teacher Workshop Series to be held in 2 parts in mid-late August in order to be considered for a position. Student teaching positions will be awarded to students who are capable of demonstrating the leadership, teaching skills and the confidence necessary to run a class alone. They are often called upon for tasks such as making sure class attendance is taken, starting classes or taking over the class entirely so that the main instructor can use the bathroom or answer parent questions.

Available positions will be awarded after the bulk of our registration is complete and just prior to the start of our season. Positions are not are guaranteed and placement is made based on each students' ability to apply the tools provided in the workshops.

We are offering two levels of assistant teacher placement this Season; Assistant and Apprentice.

1) An assistant is a high school aged student who requires little direction and guidance in the class setting and has demonstrated that (s)he is ready to confidently manage a class, run the class alone if called upon and can successfully teach the students in the class new material. An Assistant teacher is compensated by exchanging hours taught for tuition class hours.

2) An apprenticeship is a voluntary opportunity for students in grades 8-12. An apprentice is either still working on gaining the confidence required to manage a class alone, needing further guidance and education in learning the trade of teaching. An Apprentice essentially adds another student to the class that needs to be simultaneously instructed on how to teach and manage a class.
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