Montebello Pet Fair Volunteer Training Verification
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We've created these questions to verify that you've read through the volunteer handbook.

You're free to access and review the volunteer handbook while you answer the questions below.

When you hit submit, your answers will go to our volunteer coordinator for review. It is essential that you read the volunteer handbook before you participate on the day of the fair.

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Who is the Volunteer Coordinator? *
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We listed 6 responsibilities of a volunteer. Name 2. *
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In your words, what is our attendance policy for Montebello Pet Fair volunteers? *
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As a volunteer, you can purchase anything for the fair and will automatically get reimbursed. *
How old do you have to be to volunteer without your parent? *
Where are the parking attendants located? *
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What time does the site set up crew start? *
What time does the vendor/nonprofit set up crew start? *
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About how often should part of the Information booth crew make rounds to check water bowls and check for garbage? *
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