New-U Pre-loved 50:50 Scheme
Fill out the form below to register items for our 50:50 eBay sales scheme.

How it works:

1) You complete our agreement below
2) You drop off your item(s) at our shop in Castle Quarter during opening hours (see our website and social media for updates on this)
2) Your item is photographed, labelled and securely stored in the New-U stock room
3) Your item is listed on the New-U eBay shop at as a ‘buy it now’ item at agreed price for 28 days
4) If sold, 50% of proceeds minus a £4.00 processing fee will be paid from New-U to you
5) Monies will be paid electronically from New-U Enterprises within 14 days of eBay sale
6) If your item is unsold, you will be notified by email and item will be processed according to your answers below
7) Any items not collected within the agreed time will be deemed a charitable donation to New-
U Enterprises

Please note that items must have a minimum re-sale value of £30.00 to qualify for this scheme.

If you have any questions about this scheme please contact us at .
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Item description - e.g. Kurt Geiger platform heels unworn complete with box *
Your suggested price:
If you have a suggestion of how much the item should be sold for please enter it here. Please note that New-U staff will price items based on the sale value of similar items on eBay. If we feel the item should be listed at a different price to your suggestion we will contact you to agree a sale price. PLEASE NOTE: Items must have a minimum re-sale value of £30.00.
If unsold: *
In the event that your item does not sell on eBay within 28 days we will notify you via email. Choose from the following options to decide what we do next with your item.
PayPal account: *
Please enter your PayPal email address. We need this information so that we can pay you your share of the sale. If you do not have a PayPal account please write 'N/A' below and bring your bank details with you when you drop off your item. Please DO NOT enter your bank details on this form.
By submitting this form I agree to New-U Enterprises selling the above item on my behalf. 50% of proceeds will be to New-U Enterprises Ltd, UK Registered charity number: 1186761. Unsold items not collected by the agreed date will be considered a donation to New-U Enterprises Ltd. I understand that any information I have provided on this form will be used for New-U Enterprises Ltd charitable purposes only. By submitting this form I give my consent for New-U to process my personal information for this purpose. *
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