2019 CKRC T&T Supervisor Test v2
You are required to score a minimum of 32 correct answers to pass this examination. If you get 4 or more wrong, please try again.
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How many karts are allowed on the track during one 10 minute track session? *
Are Junior drivers allowed to practice on the track with Senior drivers at a scheduled public Test & Tune? *
What type of passing is allowed at a Test & Tune session? *
How many times should you see the checkered flag being waved by the T&T Marshal before leaving the track? *
Where should you look for the Membership sticker issued by CKRC? *
The Marshal flag bin is located on the back of the Pre Grid Marshal booth (Track Side) and must be used for all T&T sessions. It contains: *
A certified T and T Supervisor must have attained the age of 18. Mature minors who have taken the course may act as: *
Which of the following are part of your duties as a T&T supervisor? *
Who must sign the insurance waiver? *
Anyone who does not have a membership number or a Chassis sticker is considered to be a non-member and approach them to sign up for a day membership fee. *
Where are Minors that do not have a completed Parental Waiver allowed to go? *
Why does CKRC have to operate under Test and Tune Regulations? *
Where would you find a current copy of the T and T Supervisor Course? *
What penalty can you expect if you leave the Pre Grid gates open? *
If the club T and T supervisor is present what must you ensure *
If no Club supervisor is scheduled how can you volunteer to run a session *
If you volunteer what will you need to have present throughout your duty? *
To identify yourself as the T and T Supervisor you should always wear *
How would you at a quick glance be able to tell if the kart owner is a Club member? *
If a member or Day member is acting dangerously or in an aggressive way what should you do? *
Who is allowed in the Pre-Grid area? *
If an accident occurs and a person is injured and requires medical aid, what action should be taken? *
If a vehicle is required to attend an incident on track what should you ensure? *
After an incident requiring medical attention you should: *
Under what circumstances can an assigned T and T supervisor Run a Kart in a T & T session *
Is it possible for a single person to act as a T and T Supervisor and be at the circuit to drive alone in a Private session? *
To what safety standard must a Kart presented for testing comply with? *
If a Kart presented for Testing does not in any way meet the safety requirement what action should be taken? *
Under what circumstances may Juniors and Seniors be on the circuit at the same time? *
A kart owner with a track pass can lend his kart to a friend who has the appropriate knowledge of the rules and Safety equipment, and has completed a one day club membership form on MotorSportReg.com to drive in a practice session for a nominal $5 fee? *
Practice fee from a non-member can be taken by *
If there is an injury during a T&T session the Supervisor must be able to: *
Which of the following is not required on a kart to be able to participate safely at a T&T session: *
If you arrive at the circuit and you find the Pre Grid gates open with no supervisor present what should you do? *
Normal driver safety equipment that a T and T Supervisor should make sure every driver has: *
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