Waddya need?
Blimey, that was quick. One minute we were together in a packed room playing music, singing, snacking & giggling. Now we have to be socially distant and self-isolated.

My mission is to combat isolation and loneliness. I want to do this by generating Collective Joy through shared music with fantastic musicians, funny words and live experiences.

But what do YOU want from me? Please say:
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[YOUR VOICE HERE] "Actually, I've got other ideas and I'd like you to contribute to my life like this":
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I'm over on Patreon, trying to forge a new future for me and my performer friends who've seen their world turn upside down in a week. Wanna become a Mama-Patron (Mamatron?) and join me on the ride? Click here to begin: www.patreon.com/MamaTokus
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