How have your gaming habits changed in the last year?
Since the pandemic officially began on March 11, 2020, people around the world have been playing even more video games than usual. 80 percent of all U.S. consumers played a video game at least once in the second half of 2020. But how has the pandemic influence HOW we play video games in the last year?
Did you purchase a new device or console to play video games during the pandemic?
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Which console did you play the most before the pandemic?
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Which platform do you play the most now?
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Since the pandemic began, how did the amount of time you spend playing games a week change?
Far less than before
Far more than before
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What type of game have you played more during the pandemic?
Single player narrative
Multiplayer online
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How have your gaming habits have changed during the pandemic?
What has been your favorite game to play during the pandemic?
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