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Ideaction is a non-profit organisation which supports people dedicated to shape a sustainable future. Since 2017 we gather resources to help you turning your ideas into sustainable innovations. We help you creating values for our societies and the planet.

Between 2018 and 2020 we ran the Ideaction Hardware Accelerator Program in Stockholm to faster test and validate ideas related to physical products. We supported more than 130+ people. Today we have a community of 200+ people where everyone can share insights and experiences about their journey from idea to product.

By filling this form you will show your interest in participating in the Ideaction Accelerator Program 2021. We need your contact details in order to be able to contact you as soon as we can start the program again. We do not share you contact details with third parties. All information is under secrecy and will not be used in any other way than to support you.

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Best /Ylwa, Mikael och Jean
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