STEM Teaching & Learning Community - Spring 2017
Please complete this form to register for the STEM Teaching & Learning Community focused on "Backwards Design in STEM Teaching" sponsored by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning. Note: you can sign-up for the Morningside or the CUMC Learning Community. Space is limited.
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Are you enrolled in the "Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching" MOOC? (Course 1 starts January 30, 2017). Note: (1) participation in the MOOC is not required; (2) content for the learning community builds on the CIRTL MOOC; you can register for this free EdX course online at
Which of the Spring 2017 STEM MOOC Learning Communities will you participate in? Note: each community includes four in-person gatherings and the same sessions are offered on either campus.
Please indicate your teaching experiences at Columbia University or other institutions.
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What are your goals for participating in the STEM MOOC Learning Community?
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