Jersey Rally 2019 - Marshal Form
All Jersey crews are required to supply 6 marshals. If you are mixed crew then the Jersey competitor must supply 4 marshals.

Compulsory marshals as follows :-

One marshal for Friday afternoon
One marshal for Friday night
One marshal for Saturday morning
One marshal for Saturday afternoon

The remaining marshals can be supplied for any stage :-

These marshals will be accepted on a strict FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS

Once a stage has a full compliment of marshals then NO further marshals will be accepted.

Only two of the allocated sessions can be anything other than a marshal or timekeeper.

Only one marshal under the age of 18 will be accepted per crew.


You will need the following information for each of your marshals:
Name, Mobile Number, email address.

All marshals and timekeepers will need to have completed the online marshal training for rally and cross country events which can be found on IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THIS IS COMPLETED!
Competitor Details
Driver Name *
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Co-Driver Name *
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The information collected in this marshal form will be used only for the organisation of the 2019 Jersey Rally. All personal information collected in THIS online form will be deleted within 1 week of the completion of the event. The Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club will not share any information within this form with third parities.
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