Kids Day Farmers Market Application 2018
Complete the questions below to apply for a table at Kids Day at the Jericho Farmers Market. Kids day will be on August 8, 2019.

You will get an approximately 8ft x 8ft square space (let me know if your tent requires more space than that). You will need to bring whatever table/chairs/tents you need. We're hoping for a beautiful day, but you will need to be ready for whatever weather we get!

Our contact information: 802-825-8612
Vendor's Name (Kids Name)
Who will be selling products at Kids Day?
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Vendor's Age
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Any other vendors who will be sharing your space?
Teaming up with your friends for kids day is great! Are there any other kids who will be sharing your space with you? If so, please list their names & ages here.
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Vendor Contact information
Email and/or phone number to contact the vendor.
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What are you planning to sell? Please list all products you plan to bring!
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Supervising adult
Each table needs to have an adult who will be the go-to person in case of an emergency or other concern. It is okay if one adult is responsible for more than one table, but each table needs to list who that person is.
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Phone Number for Supervising Adult
See note above. This needs to be a number we can use to contact an adult at the market as well as ahead of time.
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Any other information we should know or questions you have? Write them here!
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