Bauhinia watch 2015-16
Hong Kong’s emblem is the beautiful Bauhinia flower which appears on our flag. This is the flower of the orchid tree Bauhinia blakeana, which was first discovered in Hong Kong. What many people may not know is that it is a sterile hybrid, and how and why it ended up in Hong Kong is shrouded in mystery.
To help us understand these mysteries we are urging the public to go out and find as many Bauhinia trees as possible, in the hope that someone can find the until now elusive mythical seeding Bauhinia blakeana!
This is being conducted as part of the Hong Kong Bauhinia genome project: so why not get involved with the Hong Kong Bauhinia project and start searching for those trees. Use this form to provide the details of which trees you spot and where.
Which species have you seen? *
See the know your Bauhinia pages here Or on the Bauhinia Indegogo funding site ( for guide on how to know which species you have found.
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If there is a tag attached to the tree, please provide the unique ID given on it, if not please feel free to make up your own reference to help you refind the exact same tree in the future
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Use this text field to try to make it easier to identify exactly which tree is which, write a clear descriptions, e.g. 3rd tree to north of fire hydrant at geo-location. You may wish to revist the same tree in the future to see either the seed pods or flowers (depending on the time of year you first visit).
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