100 % Participation Report 2019-2020
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Complete report on line and submit or print and email to Georgia District NMI President Debbie Moody debmoody1225@gmail.com 103 Ashwood Ct. Leesburg, GA 31763
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NMI President (2019-2020) *
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5.5% of income given to World Evangelism Fund.
Participated in the World Mission Broadcast Offering.
Presented one or more Memorial Roll Certificates, or DSA, or took an offering for Missionary Health Care.
Received an Alabaster Offering.
Sent LINKS allocation for assigned LINKS Missionary. (Funding the Mission)
Participated in Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.
Participated in giving to the Children's Mission Project, children attended a Children's Mission Day, or participated in mission class at camp.
Participated in giving to the Youth Mission Project, or teens attended Youthquake.
Participated in sending Crisis Care Kits and / or School Pal Paks.
Provided Mission Education opportunities.
Sent in Local NMI President’s (end of the year) Annual Report.
These questions are used to help you reach 100% Participation.
Attended service(s) with mission speaker (church, convention, CMD, Youthquake)
Promoted NMI mission books//CD’s/E-books. # of readers X number of books = Number of books read ______
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