IHearty Tables: Newcomer Storytelling Through Cooking
Calling all chefs and talented cooks!

WeaveTales has partnered with the Museum of Science & History in Jacksonville to hold a 6-week video series that brings together storytelling and cooking. We are looking for chefs or talented cooks who can share their life experiences as a newcomer to America (refugees, immigrants, etc.) through cooking your native dish and teaching about its origin, your life stories relating to the dish, and how your experience as a newcomer has reshaped the recipe (max. 2 hours) on videos to be shared online.

This program will be a great opportunity for the community to learn about the presence and stories of immigrants and refugees in America. The goal of this program is to embrace diversity by encouraging a deeper understanding of cultural differences through food and storytelling. The program is co-sponsored by Islamic Relief USA and Welcoming Gainesville & Alachua County.


For questions regarding this project, please contact us at basma@floridaimmigrant.org or basma@weavetales.org.

Hearty Tables Format:

1. We will feature one chef each week. The recipe (including ingredients) and a brief bio of the chefs will be shared days prior to the show. For this, every chef will have to complete an interview and share photographs and other family artifacts (if available) before the show with WeaveTales.
2. The chefs will prepare a sample dish and bring it to the show in advance. WeaveTales will prepare questions that will be asked during the food prep and cooking. The chefs will need to answer these questions and explain their choice of a family recipe and the entire table will work together to finish preparing the dish.
3. When the cooking is done, chefs will be able to interact with the audience within the scope facilitated by WeaveTales (the maximum length of each show is 2 hours). Viewers have the option to place a delivery order online with the information shared by WeaveTales prior to the show.
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