This form is to be filled in (ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED) to allow University Jean Monnet / Faculty of Science & Technology staff to edit a placement agreement.

Your placement's hosting institution and topic must have been previously formally endorsed by your academic advisor (Prof. Alain Trémeau for COSI, CIMET and 3DMT programme, Prof. Marc Sebban for MLDM programme, Prof. Pierre Maret for CPS2 programme).

This is to be used for summer internship (COSI), end-of-year project (MLDM) or Master Thesis (all programmes).

Upon reception, we will sent you a .pdf of the placement agreement that you will have to print in 3 copies, signed, have signed by your host institution's supervisor and send us back to:

International Masters– Bureau 121
Université Jean Monnet
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
SITE CARNOT – Bâtiment B
18, rue du Professeur Benoît Lauras

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