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Hello Healers! Please fill out the questioneere below to apply as a beta tester for the "Branding Your Business to Make Bank" online course from Start Massage Biz. This is the first of a series of courses designed to teach massage therapists and bodyworkers how to create a business that they will love... without the heavy price tag. In this course you will learn to: pick a massage modality to specialize in, discover your ideal clients, analyze your colleagues, pick a business name and social media handle that is legitimately available, create your branding messaging, colors, and logo. AND... if you complete your end of the deal, it's free! You will be filling out a NCBTMB evaluation form for the course to help the course become accredited. Once it is accredited you will receive a certificate of completion and get credit for the course.
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1. You must be in school or licensed as massage therapist or other type of bodywork.
2. You must be will to complete a one-page evaluation of the course and return it within 14 days.
3. You must be will to complete a testimonial for the course within 14 days.
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