PiNet Jessie testing
Thanks for offering to help out with the testing of the new Raspbian Jessie based PiNet release.
Below is the release testing sheet. Each item needs testing and to be confirmed working before a major release can go ahead. All questions are optional allowing testing to take place at different times by different people.

Testing data
- Create a user call bob that is a teacher
- Create a user called jim that is a pupil

Name *
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PiNet release number
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Any further information?
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Installation (Clean install without importing or upgrade)
Installation (in place upgrade)
Installation (clean install with user importing)
System status
Update-PiNet (manually using option)
Collect work
Update-SD gets correct default IP address
Update-SD works without web connection
Update-SD updates the cmdline.txt file
Rebuild OS completely rebuilds Raspbian and everything else works after
Install Programs
Can install a predefined program
Can install a custom apt program
Can install a custom pip program (check installed for Python 2 and Python 3)
Can install ScratchGPIO
Manage users
Can add new users (one at a time)
Add new users from CSV (with single row or multiple rows)
Can remove users (one at a time, should be alphabetical order)
Can remove users using a CSV (with single row or multiple rows)
Display users (should be alphabetical order)
Add teacher to teacher group
Export users
Enable backup (verify logs and that /etc/anacrontab has been edited)
Disable backups
Shared folders
Create new shared folder and verify all users can access
Test permissions for students and teachers
Delete shared folder
Display shared folder (should be alphabetical)
Any other random bits and bobs that need tested
Epoptes launch
NBD-Recompress works
Change release channel can switch between master and dev
Correct information is requested for stats and can be changed later
PiNet desktop shortcut appears on Ubuntu
PiNet desktop shortcut appears on the Raspberry Pi on a teacher account only and works
Epoptes on Raspbian (via PiNet control panel)
Raspberry Pi Software
Need to test a number of key applications on the Raspberry Pi
Scratch built in GPIO server
Sudoless GPIO with Python
Sonic Pi (using headphones and HDMI output)
Change password tool
Take screenshot tool
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