AnimeNEXT Panels & Workshops Application
Before submitting you application, please make sure to review the policies and rules at:

All applications are subject to screening before approval. By submitting an application you agree that you have reviewed and agree with the policies and rules. If your panel is approved, AnimeNEXT will reach out to you with more information on what steps to take next.

For any questions, comments, or concerns please email .
Reimbursement of Badges
Panelists who have presented at AnimeNEXT previously and are considered in "good standing" will be issued a one time use discount code equal to the value of reimbursement based on the number of panels provided. If you are approved for a single panel, then you will receive a discount code for 50% off. If you are approved for more than one panel, you will receive a code equivalent to the price of a three day badge (a free admission). The most you can be reimbursed is the full cost of admission.

New Panelists must pre-register through EventBrite as an attendee and are eligible for reimbursement after the Panels Staff has confirmed completion of the panels provided.

For full details please see:
Supplies Provided by AnimeNEXT
AnimeNEXT will provide all panelists with the options to request a HDMI, VGA, and/or 3.5mm audio connector for their device. We do not provide laptops, so you must bring your own. We can not guarantee any additional requests, but we will do our best.
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