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This survey has been prepared by the Johannesburg section leadership of the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) in partnership with Tranquilitas Adventure Farm as part of an ongoing plan to deal with a recent, and significant, spike in serious crime a the Tranquiitas campsite. These two entities constitute the land owners of the climbing crags ranging from the Stone Philosopher area (past Right Wing and Theater) to Mayhem (the owner of Mayhem and Library has arrangements with Tranquilitas). This land includes popular areas such as Superbowl, Hallucinogen, God No! Wall and Tranquilitas Crag. It has been decided by the above land owners that a permit system for climbing at these crags is necessary to sustain long term, sustainable security solutions. With this survey we hope to receive input from the wider climbing community in order to develop the most effective and affordable solution. It is critical that we safeguard the future of this world renowned climbing destination. The income generated by the permit system will be used to fund the following initiatives which represent our combined plan thus far.

Tranquilitas has already invested capital in the following upgrades: increased guard visibility and training; patrols (with trained dogs); increased observation and detection systems; improved communication both internally and with police. This represents the current activity and is based in and around the campsite and upper crags most frequently visited by climbers. With the permit system we can grow this impact and strengthen the activities. Beyond security it is believed by the MCSA leadership and Tranquilitas that if we foster positive relationships between the climbing community and the people of Emgwenya (Boven) we will promote climbing as a widely accepted and understood activity that is beneficial and therefore worth protecting. This latter point is a long term commitment that requires consistency and sincerity but has the potential to address security and the future of Boven climbing in a profound way.

Our investigation into outreach has developed a few interesting leads and will increase with time and input. Here are a few examples: there is a local climbing team which could use gear, coaching and excursions, a development forum that can facilitate food parcel delivery, and various buildings and institutions that could use materials and maintenance. Involvement here by no means guarantees envisioned results, and the perpetrators may not have even been residents from town, but we owe it to ourselves to do whatever we can to ensure the future of climbing in the area. Crime prevention needs to be more than just increased insulation. Strong, supportive relationships go a long way.

In order to manage the feedback and distribute information we need names and email addresses but understand if you would like to remain anonymous and stay off the lists. Feel free to share the link and edit your responses but do not submit more than one as this will invalidate your response.

Thank you for participating!

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The foundation of the permit system is a day rate. Imagine you were the landowner - installed and maintained the bolts, cleared the pathways and facilitated safe access to these crags going forward. How much would you charge per person per day? Note: MCSA members will receive a discounted rate but for accurate feedback we ask members to honestly engage with the question as a non-member.
There are a variety of outreach opportunities being explored. These include, for example, coaching local climbers and donating gear, helping the local development forum with food parcels or offering maintenance of schools and the police station. How willing are you to spend time and/or resources on such programmes? We aim to organsie free and discounted permits in exchange for involvement.
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