ESL Teacher Application for Real English Conversations
This is an application form for a position as an independent contracted teacher that will be providing one-to-one lessons with students that are enrolled in our Online Fluency Courses and programs.

Please complete the questions fully, thoughtfully and honestly. You will be considered based on a variety of factors and even if your speciality is not a good fit for us at this moment, you may be the perfect candidate for a future position that may come up.

In this first section, we have a few questions for you to answer to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements to apply for this job. If you mark 'no' to any of the questions, then you should not continue with the application and you should not submit it.
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Do you have 20 hours of availability (or more) for your teaching? (Across all platforms/schedules)
We understand that you might work for other platforms and we are not requiring you to 'block off' availability for us; however, we need to make sure that you have a reasonable amount of availability in your calendar for students to book a time, even if they need to book 1-2 weeks in advanced. For this reason, your minimum availability needs to be 20 hours per week and you should have space to accept a minimum of 10 hours of lessons from our students. Your schedule is flexible and will work with other platforms (ie. italki, cambly, verbling, etc.) where students reserve times on a 'first come, first serve' basis.. If you have other bookings that come in from other platforms, your availability will be removed/blocked from your overall availablity with us.
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Do you understand the information below?
We will contact you if we are interested in your application and would like to interview your further. Please do not email us your CV or résumé or try to contact us outside of this contact form.
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What is your current internet speed?
Good and reliable internet speed is critical to provide online lessons to our students. To have video calls at a reasonable quality. Our minimum requirement is to have a minimum of 30MB/s download speed or higher and an upload speed of 5MB/s or higher. If you do not know your internet speed, run a test at You can use the 'other' option to explain what your internet speed is (and how you will improve it if necessary for the job).
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Do you have stable and reliable internet?
Stable = less than 2-3 interruptions per day (of less than 1 minutes) Reliable = less than 1 outage per month (outage of more than 15 minutes). If your internet is not 'stable and reliable' use the 'other' option to explain more.
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