WCSU Educator Technology Survey (January 2017)
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Which school (or schools) do you work in?
Please check all that apply.
Are you a Special Education or Related Services teacher?
Which of the following best describes your adoption of new technologies?
How would you describe your technology integration knowledge and skills?
This school year, how often have your students used digital devices/technology for the following purposes in your work
Every day
A few times a week, month, or year
Drills, review, or practice exercises
Individual projects
Educational games
Group projects
When you have a problem with technology (computer, Smart Board, wifi, grading programs, etc.) how long does it usually take for these issues to be resolved?
Do you have any long standing technology problems that have not been solved?
Are there things that have fallen off the radar?
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This school year, how much of a challenge are the following barriers to the use of technology in your work?
Not a barrier for me
Somewhat significant
Very Significant
Too few digital learning devices
Lack of training for teachers
State/district curriculum demands
School Internet access unreliable or slow
Insufficient support from IT staff
Lack of guidance from school administrators
Software glitches
Classroom management challenges
In your view, how influential are the following individuals or groups in deciding what digital technologies and tools will be used in your work?
Not influential
Somewhat influential
Very influential
Me personally
Teachers in my building
Library Media / Technology Integration Specialists
WCSU Superintendent
WCSU Director of Instructional Technology
School Principal
School Board
Professional associations or unions
Educational technology companies and providers
Which of the following forms of professional development would be most helpful to you to increase your technology integration knowledge and skills?
Please check all that apply
WUHS/MS Teachers and Staff: How reliable has your internet connection been since January 3, 2017?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your use of technology?
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