Gliding PM - Pitt Meadows - April 14, 2019
Date/Time: Sunday April 14, 2019. Cadets to meet at 1245PM.
Location: Pitt Meadows Airport (NOT the airport building. The Air Cadet Gliding area at the north end)

Map to location:

Transportation: Cadets are required to arrange their own transportation to/from the flight site.

Cancellation: We will monitor the weather and coordinate with flight operations. If there is a need to cancel, you will receive a phone call to your number(s) you provide below. Calls will be made ONLY for cancellation.

Environment: There are NO facilities at the gliding site other than a portable toilet! There is a parking area available for vehicles. Parents are welcome to stay to watch, but MUST NOT pass the warning sign. ONLY escorted cadets and squadron staff may move beyond the marker to the flight ops area.

Dress code: Dress for the weather. There is NO shelter on the flight line. We will be in an open field beside the active runway. Be prepared with warm clothes, sun hat, sun screen, gloves, scarves, rain gear, wind breaker, etc... whatever is appropriate for the predicted weather.

Footwear: Wear comfortable and supportive footwear - good sneakers or boots. In between flights, cadets also chase the landing gliders and help push them back into position. You WILL be doing some running and lots of movement! It's also wise to bring extra socks and sneakers so that you can change into dry footwear afterwards!

Food/Beverage: Bring lunch, snacks and water/beverages. No food will be provided. All cadets will carry their own food and supplies into the flight ops area. To prevent litter and flight hazards, all items must be contained in a backpack or bag.

Etiquette: We will be in an active, controlled flight operations area. Therefore we must conform to very strict rules of conduct.
- No litter is to be left behind or allowed to blow away causing a flight hazard. Keep all your items, food, papers, etc under control at all times
- No cell phone use while in the secure area. Cell phones can be used in the parking lot/portable toilet area
- Anyone wishing to use the toilet facilities must be escorted to/from the flight ops area by an authorized person
- Cameras are highly encouraged!! Take photos and videos and selfies! (Use of cell phone camera is acceptable, but phones must be in airplane mode while in the operations area)

Please email if there are any further questions.

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