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The following form is valid for all 2019-2020 Skyline Theatre productions.
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At this time the fees for Skyline Theatre are $80 for each production in which you participate. The Pay to Participate fee is the evening of the parent registration meeting. If a student is receiving free or reduced lunch they may qualify for a fee waiver. Hardship scholarships are also available. Please see the SFA website for a waiver/scholarship form if needed. Sign below that you have read and agree to the above statement.
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Ad Sales requirement *
All student participants are required to sell $100 worth of ad space in our season program. A $100 security deposit is due at the parent registration and will be returned when the student's ad sales are received. More detailed information will be available at the parent registration. Please sign that you have read and understand.
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I understand that before the student is allowed to rehearse or work tech all forms and fees must be complete and turned in to Mrs. Roberts *
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