Westminster Works Organizing Team Application

Welcome to the application form for the Westminster Works organizing team!

Westminster Works is an organization set to make use of free time of senior students, and providing a platform to share views, talents and interests in the form of educational and fun workshops, talks or presentations.
The organization undergoes very systematic procedures in order to run smoothly and ensure ease of facilitation.

Your job as a part of the organizing team would include but are not limited to:
-Organizing a database of participants, the title of their entry, it's description and the time it will be carried out.
-Sending out and frequently responding to email inquiries.
-Maintaining a friendly approach in your communication with all participants and people involved.
-Being physically present to manage, control and facilitate the workshops/talks.
-Keeping a form of timeline updated with all upcoming and ongoing sessions on the Digital Hub.
-Promoting all workshops and talks to attract an interested audience.
-Producing certifications for all participants.

If you believe you do qualify for all this role, please do carry on filling the form!

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    Your application will only be taken into serious consideration upon: -Submission of a 90 seconds video talking a bit more about yourself, and why you are the right person for this role, and what future plans you have for this role. -Submission of a copy of your CV. Kindly submit both your video and CV as attachments with "Westminster Works" as the subject title to applicationstws@gmail.com!