Welcome! You are about to become a member of an elite crowd of Zombies--an Event Manager!

3 Steps before you fill out this form:
1. PayPal
2. Gmail
3. Website or Facebook page

The first step is to pay your $25 USD registration fee. Click on the PayPal "Buy Now' icon above this form. When you get into PayPal you will need to register your payment method with PayPal. When you go to Send Money, use as the pay to recipient. Please pay it to Friends and Family so we don't have to pay the fee.

!! Please note the PayPal receipt number--you will need it when you fill out the registration form. TTW is entirely volunteer-run and any money collected is to help cover the costs of website and administrative services we use just to keep TTW going.

You will also need to create a Google event email account (free). The address should be titled either " or "
Example: "" or "". If you have an existing TTW event gmail account, you can use that.

If the town names have been taken you can use your venue name, charity name, or the group of people who are hosting.
Notice that all email addresses MUST begin with either the words "thrilltheworld" or "ttw."

Please create a website, webpage, or Facebook page for your event. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just a basic landing page where you can post the details of your event so that anyone interested in joining your event can find you online. If your event is private then you do not need do this step.

When you fill out the registration form below, please DO NOT use "ALL CAPS" or "no caps" at all. Please write out the name of your country, state, and city example: do write California, do not write CA. For your country, please write out the full name--exception: for UK, write out country; for United States, please key in: USA. Sounds complicated but we use the registration forms database for developing the list of events and it affects how the information is sorted.

If you have properly filled out your form, you will see a pop-up acknowledgement. This will be your official notification that you have registered. You WILL NOT receive an email.

Your event ID number can be found on the list of events page on our website. The event list is edited and uploaded to the website manually, so it can take a couple of days for your event to show up on the event list.

Thanks, and as always, ROCK ON!
Ines and the TTW Global Team

PS. We do not sell or share any personal information.

For TTW Staff only.
Have you read the RULES? *
This is required before registering. Go back to the Register Your Event page and click on the link.
Have you read the manual?
It's located on the event managers page on our website. Please read it!
What is your Paypal transaction ID number? *
Located under "history" on your PayPal account. (Example: Unique Transaction ID such as #2GM123456789). Provide the FULL number.
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Do you agree to send all supporting materials electronically according to the "Final Instruction"? *
This includes filling out the "Event Reporting Form"
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Your Event LOCAL Time *
You can find your local time by going to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is 10 am and 10 pm.
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Country *
State your country. In the UK: state England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Do not write UK. Zombies in the United States please use USA.
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State *
Mainly for USA and Canada. Please write in full, no initials like NY or CA.
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Event Location (City) *
This is for the location that the event will be held, not necessarily where you live.
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Public or Private Event? *
Please select either Public (anyone can participate) or Private (invitation only).
Event Manager First Name *
Please provide the name of the person that will be maintaining contact with us for the event.
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Website address *
This can also be a Facebook page
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Event Email Address *
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Event Email (AGAIN) *
This is just to make sure you haven't made a typo, and help us keep sane, so we don't have to try and decipher emails that were misspelled and bounce back. Please double check BOTH email addresses to prevent any errors, and help this all go smoothly!
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Personal Email Address *
We will use this email in case we cannot contact you via your event email.
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Phone Number *
In case we can't reach you at all with either email, please provide us a phone number that you use regularly. Please make sure you include area codes and other necessary numbers.
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Under Age 18? *
If you are under 18, that's cool! You can still run the event. You just have to include Supervisor Contact info, below.
Supervisor Name
If you are under 18 you will need a Supervisor--an adult over age 18 who is "responsible" for the event and there to assist the Youth Event Manager.
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Supervisor Email
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Do you have a venue?
Please provide the address if you have it.
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All events have the option to give back to a charity of their choice should they choose to do so. Please see our manual for more info on how you can give back AND be more green!
If you have participated in the past please list the charities you raised money or awareness for so we can share on our website.
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Do you have a special story to share with TTW Global to place on our website?
Favorite moment at rehearsal-interviews with media-etc...(include video/photo links if any)
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