Horse Riding Ability Form
Please complete this form to indicate your child's necessity to arrive at camp late, depart early or be offsite for a period of time.
Camper Name
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Parent/Guardian Name
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How old were you when you started riding?
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When was your last ride?
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How many times have you ridden?
Do you ride without an instructor sometimes?
How long have you been riding for?
Where do you do most of your riding?
Underneath the hoof there is a soft triangular part. What is this called?
Which Bred would you prefer to ride if you were going to do barrel racing?
What are the 4 different gaits of a horse in order from slowest to quickest?
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have you ever fallen off a horse? no/yes If yes, are you still nervous to ride at the moment no/yes If yes please explain.
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Can you tack up a horse?
What type of tack do you use?
Please give us a reference to call of the person who does most of your riding supervision? (Name, phone number, email)
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