Voters Deserve to Know: Politician Sign-On Form
***The Pledge:***
"As a Massachusetts state legislator, I believe in a strong democracy, accountable government, and active voter engagement. Therefore, I pledge to:
1. Make all my committee votes publicly available upon request, including electronic polls and study orders
2. Move to make public all votes and testimony of committees of which I am Chair, including electronic polls and study orders. If the committee rules prevent me from doing this, I will motion to amend the rules to make all votes and testimony public, and ask for a roll call vote on that motion.
3. Stand for roll call when a member asks for a recorded vote on any bill or amendment which I have co-sponsored or which deals with substantively the same issue as a bill I have co-sponsored."

Taking the pledge means you agree to take these actions during the course of the legislative session. If you have any questions about what this entails please contact us as

***How to Take the Pledge***

1. Print a hard copy of the pledge (LINK: ) and take a photo or video of yourself signing it.
2. Post the photo or video to your social media accounts and/or your website. If you don't have a website/social media you can email it to
3. Fill out this form below
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***Pledge Verification*** *
To verify that the politician has signed the Voters Deserve To Know pledge, please include a link to the social media or website post you have made with the photo of you signing the pledge OR email a photo of the politician signing a copy of the pledge to A printable version of the pledge is available here to physically sign: NOTE: Simply answering "yes" or writing your name in this box is not enough to be considered a signer, as a separate, independent verification is needed (because we have no way to know who is filling out this form).
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