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Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering for the EHWSL. We have several ways in which you can help us improve our league and player experience. We have volunteer positions from annual event volunteers, annual board positions, or season to season helpers working between teams and the board. We believe that many hands make light work. This is an all volunteer organization that meets quarterly and sometimes every other month if needed.
Please take a few minutes to introduce your self.
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If you answered yes to the question above please let us know what your experience is.
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Professionalism is a big part of our organization. We work with many other outside organizations and charities and have very important professional partnerships.
Some of the work we do is resolving or moderating conflicts in an unbiased way within the guidelines of our organization. It is important to remember that as a volunteer or a board member you are always acting as the face of our organization which is a business that serves the public.
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