Enabled Birding Map: Application for Team Members
The Enabled Birding Map is a collaborative team project by Ontario Field Ornithologists, Birds Canada and Toronto Ornithological Club. 
  • The goal is to create an an interactive web map that can provide accessibility information about birding locations in Ontario.
  • Our vision is a self-growing program with trained community teams continuing to evaluate sites under direction from the working group.
  • We will not succeed without the support of many nature lovers, especially those who have faced barriers related to trail access and birding. 
  • Some of our questions are of a sensitive nature as it will help us design our teaching plan, team groupings and support systems. We ask that you complete them as best as possible but understand if you feel you do not want to answer them. 
Note that data collected will not be shared beyond the Enabled Bird Map steering Committee and Advisory Board. For more information on this project please contact enabled@ofo.ca
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What kind of Team Members do we want?
  • We would like to have a minimum of one team for each of the pilot locations. Two teams per area would be even better.
  • Teams need at least two individuals but may work with three.  
  • Each team must have at least one team member with a disability that creates challenges when they are in nature. Of course support people and animals are welcome.
  • At least two members of each team should be comfortable using mobile apps.
  • Team members will need a phone or tablet so that can use the free apps.
  • Team members will need to be available for virtual training.
  • Team members will need to be willing to complete their trail work later in the spring.
  • Note that we can partner up individuals into teams but we also welcome folks who already have  partners in mind. All we ask is that all potential team members apply and provide us with their details.
What will the teaching team provide?
  • The Enabled Birding Map Working Group will provide the map tools and access to the mobile apps.
  • We will provide training, likely three 40 minute virtual workshops, one of which will be after you test the apps.
  • We will be available for questions and supports following the training.
  • We will ensure that the Enabled Birding Map is published as soon as it is complete.
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