Dear students of Chan Lee Taekwondo, let's get back into training!! During this unfortunate time in our community we are happy to announce some exciting news! We have decided that Masters and Instructors of Chan Lee Taekwondo will continue to provide TKD training ONLINE during our time of social distancing!

First answer the questions below to confirm:
1. Membership of Chan Lee Taekwondo
2. Age and Belt level
3. Available equipment, environment, and assistance

We can't wait to get started and see the smiles and enthusiasm!
Stay strong, be safe, and don't forget kindness and positivity goes a long way!

Chan Lee Taekwondo
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Important Read: Liability and Understanding
As you all know, we took various steps responding to the risk of COVID- 19. We remain committed to those procedures. However, our Chan Lee Taekwondo Masters, Instructors, and staff are working hard to offer our time in training for our members and students so that they continue to benefit from our program. This online system will be a great tool to make sure of the following:

1. Stay healthy and active at home at this time of social distancing
2. Connecting again with friends and their Taekwondo instructors
3. Continue with proper training so that when we are back to training, students will not feel unprepared or out of shape.
4. Students who continue to work with us online will be noted as attendance to their next level of testing and/or competition events.

This online training method will have its challenges and we will work on learning from each session to make it better and better. We will work hard during this process to learn better ways to teach and we hope that each participant can remain patient and give us positive feed back.

Please keep in mind that if you and your child utilize online sessions the safety of your home environment (e.g. Flooring, furniture placement or any other hazards) will not be in our control. Please take proper measures in each household to be as safe as possible.

By participating in an online classes you and your child acknowledge that you have taken proper measures to insure safety during the training session. The waiver of liability you have signed will apply to all training hazards including all additional hazards that may or may not be listed above.
Yes, I have read and understand the extra precautions, liability and importance of training. *
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