Cru Leadership Application for Fall 2020
The questions on this application are a means to ensure that you have the level of understanding, experience and skill necessary to effectively maintain the messages and to carry out the purposes of Cru. Please answer to the best of your ability.
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I qualify as an active member of Cru (I regularly attend large group meetings, have been in a small group for at least one semester, and have attended a Cru retreat or conference).
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I am applying for
Would you like to nominate someone for the Leadership Team?
Describe the mission and purpose of Cru. Do you have any questions about the mission or purpose of Cru?
Describe in detail how you would communicate to someone, from the Bible, how one becomes a Christian.
What are some of the principal tools Cru uses to communicate the messages of the Bible when we speak to students on campus (e.g. the KGP)?
How are those Cru tools used to explain the Christian faith?
Describe your experiences explaining the Christian faith to other people during the last six months.
Describe from the Bible what it means to live a Spirit-filled life.
What training have you received (through Cru or elsewhere) to develop your understanding of Christian beliefs and the Christian life? What additional learning would you like to pursue?
Have you discipled another person in their walk with Jesus? If so, who did you disciple, what did you do during discipleship and how did that go?
How do the following passages of scripture relate to leadership and what qualities do they portray as necessary? a. Matt. 22:34-40 b. Matt 20:25-28 c. Gal 5: 16-26 d. Col 4:2-6 e. Eph 4:17-5:21
What strengths, gifts, or skills could you bring to Cru leadership?
How do you see yourself helping to advance the purpose and the mission of Cru during the next year?
[For Leadership Team applicants only] Have you served in a leadership role with a Cru sponsored club in the past? If so, please describe and share what you learned through the experience:
I have met the attendance requirement enumerated in the Club Constitution (involved for at least 1 term and attended 75% of weekly large group and small group meetings) and am an active member of this student chapter.
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I have seen and used the KGP booklet and at least one other tool used by Cru.
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I have attended the following opportunities provide by Cru:
I am a current member of a Cru community group.
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If yes, which community group
I regularly attend a local church?
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If yes, which church
Where will you be living next semester
Are you able to return to campus by August 17, 2020 in order to connect with new students during welcome week.
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If you could lead anywhere, where would you be most passionate to serve?
I have read the Ball State Cru charter, including the statement of faith
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What questions do you have about the Ball State Cru Constitution, Charter or Statement of Faith?
I agree with the Ball State Cru constitution and charter, including the statement of faith, without reservation
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I have answered to the best of my ability and have responded truthfully and accurately. I acknowledge that if I have a disagreement with Cru leadership over my ability to communicate Cru’s messages, that I will submit that disagreement to the Leadership Team and will abide by any decision made by a majority of the Leadership Team.
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