Online Participation Self-Assessment: Week 1
The following questions are designed to get you thinking about your participation and collaboration with your colleagues before giving yourself a score for your online work in four categories: 1) Promptness and Initiative 2) Relevance of Posts 3) References and Support 4) Contribution to the Learning Community and 5) Delivery of Posts.

Not all questions are not scored. Many lead up to the "scored" question to assist you make the most objective score possible. While your scoring will serve as the foundation of your online participation grade, the instructor always reserves the right to adjust your scoring if their own data and assessment does not align. Generally speaking, adjustments to your score will be reported to you.

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Roughly how often did you log-in and add to the community discussion boards?
How did you interact with your colleagues?
Promptness and Initiative *Scored*
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Open one of your discussion board posts and re-read its contents. Check the following that apply to your post.
Open one of your responses to a colleague and re-read its contents. Check the following that apply to your post.
Relevance of Posts *Scored*
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Identify at least one resource you referenced in a discussion board post or response.
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Did you provide a link to the resource you referenced?
References and Support *Scored*
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In your opinion, what was your most significant contribution to the discussions this week.
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Rate how positive this contribution was to the community:
Negative / cool feedback without any constructive criticism provided.
Positive and/or warm feedback with constructive criticism
Contributions to the Learning Community *scored*
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In the posts you reflected on during this self-assessment, how many egregious spelling or grammatical errors did you observe?
Delivery of Posts *scored*
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