2020 EEBMentorMatch Mentor Form
Fill out this form if you agree to mentor a student who is seeking support in applying to grad school and/or working on fellowships applications. For more info, see: https://eebmentormatch.com.
Our expectation is that you are will agree to correspond with one student requesting support over the course of this academic year as they are applying for graduate fellowships and seeking admissions to graduate programs.
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Academic specialization *
Examples: ecology, evolutionary biology, conservation, marine biology, behavioral ecology, bioinformatics, neurophysiology
The name of your current department *
For example, "Ecology and Evolutionary Biology" or "Marine Sciences" or "Entomology" or "Wildlife and Resource Management" or "Organismal and Evolutionary Biology" or "Biology" (please write 'none' if you are not currently in an academic department')
Link to your website (person, lab, department)
Current academic position *
Did you receive an NSF GRFP or Ford Fellowship? *
Did you apply for an NSF GRFP or Ford Fellowship? *
What institution did you receive your undergrad degree from? *
Which institutions have you attended for graduate school? *
If you wish, feel free to state any underrepresented groups in your field that you identify with
For this academic year, are you able and willing to provide prompt and quality feedback to a mentee assigned to you *
Is there any additional information about yourself that you think would help us make an effective pairing with a mentee? Include as much as you wish. Thank you for choosing to serve as a mentor!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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