Public-Interest Research Engineering Community of Practice
Are you an engineer or data scientist working on software infrastructures and processes for  industry-independent research on technology and society? Are you interested to meet peers, share best practices, and offer mutual support?

If your experience is anything like the CAT Lab story (, you too have noticed that public-interest work requires you to re-invent basic assumptions about power, privacy, and ethics built into common engineering practices. At CAT Lab, our quest for a safer, fairer, more understanding internet has led us to re-think our software practices from data storage and our development cycle to HR and fundraising. With so many organizations having small tech teams, it can sometimes feel like we all have to re-invent the details alone.

The good news is that none of us needs to do this alone. That's why CAT Lab and the Coalition for Independent Tech Research are organizing a Community of Practice for engineers and data scientists developing software and processes for industry-independent research.

If you're interested, let us know how we can reach you and tell us a little about yourself! No commitment is implied by filling out this form. This is to help us gauge interest and know who we should follow-up with.
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CAT Lab is committed to broadening the diversity of who creates knowledge on technology and society. This information, which we will not share outside of CAT Lab, helps us with our internal record-keeping and organizational processes.
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