Podcast Preparation
Agency Problem is a podcast that explores the misconceptions of what it is like being an agency owner. The name refers to a corporate finance principle called Agency Theory.

The following questions are ones that I will ask you on the podcast. Some of it will be used in your introduction at the beginning of the show and the remaining questions will be for you to prepare so that you won't be put on the spot at the time of recording.

To save time, complete the required-only questions and leave the other questions empty.
Email address *
What is the name of your agency? *
Where is your agency located? *
How many employees does your agency have? Can you break it down further into actual employees and contractors (e.g., VAs, freelancers etc). *
What is your average monthly payroll expense? *
What services does your agency provide?
What services do you not provide (and why)?
Who is your ideal client?
How do you pick clients to work with?
How did you arrive at this (re: target market)?
What is the biggest misconception people have about you and/or your business?
Do you have a co-founder? If yes, describe how it happened.
How do you hire new team members?
Can you describe when you hired someone who wasn't a good fit?
How do you get comfortable with letting go of complete control?
What is your opinion/approach to company culture?
What advice do you have for someone thinking of working at your agency?
What advice do you have for someone thinking of starting their own agency?
What car do you drive now vs when you started your agency?
When did you start paying yourself?
Do you own or rent where you live?
What is your superpower?
What is your weakness?
Why did you start your business?
What is one of your biggest headache?
What do you do for fun?
Coffee or tea? *
Describe one of the toughest decisions you have had to make as agency owner
What is your 'why'?
Do you have a succession plan? If yes, describe it.
Would you do it all over again?
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