The Glass Ball Project
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I’m a mom, MBA student, and an employee and customer engagement advocate - and I'm on a mission to put my qualitative research experience to good use by finding out how the pandemic has stretched and shaped women juggling careers and childcare. I hope to use the findings to figure out how we can support each other moving forward.

Here’s to hoping that we come out of this stronger. Thank you so much for sharing with me.
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As a parent juggling a career and raising kids, how has the community around you supported you? Do you feel like you have a "village"? If so, what practical ways are you supported? If you don't feel supported, what kind of support do you wish you had? *
Everyday heroes: tell me about your ordinary perseverance, or your extraordinary achievements in the past year.
Have your priorities shifted in the past year, since the pandemic started? What has become more important to you? What is less important than it used to be?
What new habits have you formed that you intend to keep post-pandemic? Why did you incorporate those habits? How have they helped you?
Considering juggling responsibilities of raising kids while having a career, what are your most significant challenges?
What support do you see your post-pandemic self needing?
Use the space below to capture anything you feel compelled to share.
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Thank you for your generosity. Whether you've over-functioned or under-functioned, broken down or elevated yourself during this craziness - I see you. Be proud.
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