Questionnaire on Web-GIS service for Sentinel Asia members
Sentinel Asia(SA) has a plan to develop one of new services for Sentinel Asia members, which is Web-GIS. Requesters or users can be normally provided analyzed products such as emergency maps from data analysis nodes (DANs) , when they order an emergency observation request to Sentinel Asia. Web-GIS, for example ArcGIS online, is a good tool to support their operation, work and effort. Sentinel Asia secretariat would like you to give us your comments, inputs and advices to help our operation more useful and effective for their work.


Overall, how satisfied are you with the SA Web-GIS? *
Are you going to use the SA Web-GIS service for your work? *
If not, could you tell us why you are not going to use the SA Web-GIS?
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Could you tell us what functions are requested for the SA Web-GIS? (Multiple choice) *
Do you want to upload your analyzed product on the SA Web-GIS?
Could you tell us your inputs, recommendation or comments to the SA Web-GIS service?
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Have you ever used a GIS software or a Web-GIS for your work? *
Which of the following emergency response activities were your work using with satellite images and value added products? (Multiple choice)
Could you tell us your comments, inputs and advices for SA work?
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