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If you are interested in participating in the Reel Science Challenge of the SF Green Film Festival, sign up here, and we will send you more information!

We pair a scientist with a filmmaker and give them a deadline to make a film. Their challenge: Create art from climate science. We invite musicians, actors, dancers, and artists to join the creativity. These unlikely teams endeavor to make films that connects audiences with climate research in a unique way, a new expression of empirical data. Films may include humor, romance, stunts... There are no boundaries.

Scientists, bring your whole lab. Filmmakers, bring your whole crew. Get exposure for your work and screen at the San Francisco Green Film Festival. If you are a scientist, filmmaker, musician, actor, dancer, visual artist or other creative, sign up!

Description and dates:


How much time must I commit to the Reel Science Challenge?
You can commit as little as one afternoon. You indicate your time availability on the interest sign up form (
Some teams will shoot their movie the same afternoon as the kickoff meeting (Aug 25, 2018). Other teams will choose to spend more time. Filmmakers will probably spend some in post production after the shoot. The time they spend is up to them.

I know a scientist or a filmmaker I want to work with. Can I form a team with them before the event?
Yes, if you are a filmmaker with a scientist friend or a scientist with a filmmaker friend, you can sign up as a team in advance. Many teams, however, will be created at the kickoff.

I'd like to work with my entire lab or film crew. Can we sign up together?
Yes, we encourage you to have fun with your entire group and be creative together.

I have an idea for a movie I want to make. Will I be able to make it?
Possibly. Remember these movies are a spontaneous collaboration, so please approach this project with an open mind. Bring your ideas to the table and listen to others as well. Your finished product may be better for it!

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