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Preparation for the class:
when the day of your dance class comes and you are packing your bag, don't forget:

- Comfortable clothes: sweatpants, leggings and your favourite t-shirt will do! (no fancy business suits, tuxedos or minidresses)
- A pair of indoor shoes: gym sneakers, jazz dance shoes are perfect, dancing in socks could work as well, no high heels for girls (leave your hiking boots at home for now)
- Water (we care for you and don´´ t want you to dehydrate)
- Your smile (it simply makes everything better!)


- 35 euros for 4 hours
- 55 euros for 8 hours
- 15 euros for drop in

Join us anytime, no fix curriculum, we build up levels based on techniques and deliver every time new, creative figures.
This is our current schedule:
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