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Love Four Paws is very excited to have any adopters! Please fill out the adoption application and we will either okay the adoption, turn it down, or give you the best pet match there is based on the information given. If you have already chosen a pet you wish to adopt, great, just make sure to mention that in the late minute notes at the end. Each application will be sent to your new adoption coordinator. (s)he has memorized everything to know about each animal and will match you with the best one if you have not chosen. They will help you understand everything explain any questions you may have and have you sign all adoption forms. Please be aware we have the right to turn down any and all application though we do not wish to do so. Thank you!
How did you hear about Love Four Paws animal rescue?
Have you ever owned or worked with this type of animal? Please explain your answer. *
Do you currently own any pets? *
If you answered YES to the question above, please list what types, ages etc:
Have you ever surrendered an animal? *
If you answered yes to question above, if you feel comfortable, please list why.
If you are adopting a cat, do you plan on declawing it? *
Would agree to a house and/ or background check? *
Do you have a veterinarian? If so, provide name and information. *
Do you live alone? *
If you answered "kids and other, please list: other"
Do you have a pet-sitter? *
Do you have all the needed pet products or plan to get them? *
Do you have a job? If so list where do you work and you position. *
What is your current housing type? *
Are you (applicant) going to be the primary caretaker? *
Are you (applicant) over the age of 18 and have received a high school diploma? *
If you answered "no" to the previous question, please provide contact information for your legal parent or guardian as they will be signing for the animal.
Is your home MOSTLY calm or energetic? *
Will you keep your pet indoor or outdoor? *
Will your pet be alone often? *
Do you expect any major life changes in the next ten years?
Clear selection
If you answered yes to the last question please list what you may expect if you believe it will affect your new animal.
Please provide your address: Please note that we DO NOT transport animals more then 2 hours outside of Atlanta Ga so we are very sorry if this causes you to not be able to adopt. *
Is there anything else we should be aware of in the adoption process? Also, fill in what animal you want to adopt. *
Contact Information and full name: *
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