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The Yale Mentorship for Minority Students in STEM (YMMSS) is a new program that wants to create mentorships for underrepresented groups in STEM at Yale. We want to partner students with similar STEM interests and which belong to the same minority group(s). Mentor pairings would be constructed so that first-years and sophomores are paired with juniors and seniors, and juniors and seniors with graduate students. Mentorship can take place in a 1-1 setting or in a group.

Please fill out this quick survey with your information and preferences so that we can best match you with a mentor or mentee. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to partner you with someone that shares your same field or identity, but we will try our best to match you how you'd like to be matched.

The first 6 questions are required, as well as three questions at the end. Everything else is optional, but the more information you give us the better we can match you! Thank you!
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What major/department are you a part of (or intend to be a part of)? *
What underrepresented group do you identify as? Select all that apply. *
How do you prefer us to pair you? (Identity, field, etc.) *
How frequently would you prefer to meet with your mentor/mentee? *
For upperclassmen, do you want to be a mentor or a mentee (or both)?
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For mentors (upperclassmen and grad students), up to how many mentees would you be willing to mentor?
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For mentees, would you prefer 1-1 mentoring or group mentoring?
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What do you think you want to do post-Yale?
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What are some topics that you'd like to talk about with your mentor/mentee?
Would you be interested in taking part in other YMMS events, like study groups, dinners or talks? *
Since this is the first year YMMS is going to be operating, we're looking for people who would be interested in helping form the YMMS board. Would you be interested in being part of the leadership for YMMS? *
Are there any other accessibility needs that you'd like to make us aware of? *
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