Eisenhower Fellowships Future of Work Global Conference: Call for Proposals
If you are interested in proposing an innovative project or program idea to be featured in the EF iLabs, please complete the form below. Qualified proposals will meet the following characteristics:

--Address a topic or theme discussed at the Future of Work conference
a. Migration: Refugees (with a special focus on the Middle East and Africa), labor mobility, return migration/brain drain
b. Tech & Innovation: artificial intelligence, skills-building, work on demand
c. Work in Society: Purpose of work, underemployment unpaid labor (particularly in regards to gender), economic growth, social stability
d. The Crossroads: Public-Private approaches to innovation; the need for ecosystems to foster the growth of SMEs; the role of civil society

--Are based on ideas that advance peace, justice and prosperity.
--Promote the public image of EF as a network of leaders who are diverse, dynamic, doers.
Identify a specific target audience.
--Have measurable results that make a positive impact in society.
--Are scalable, so that they can be expanded to affect large populations.
--Are collaborative, involving a group of Fellows, or a Youth Network member with mentorship from a Fellow, and, potentially, Trustees.
--Are sustainable without continuous funding from EF-Head Quarters.
--Are not restricted to the social services sector.
--Can, although are not required to, generate revenue while delivering a societal benefit.
--Expand Fellows’ current professional activities or are an extra-professional action.

EF staff may choose to work with selected applicants to further develop a concept as necessary. All submissions are due by May 1, 2017, with finalists being informed by July 1, 2017. Should you have any questions, please contact Romana Lee-Akiyama, Program Officer at rlee-akiyama@efworld.org.

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Please identify the level of geopolitical impact for your project/concept.
Please list all additional project partners (if applicable), including name/title/institution/EF affiliation/email address.
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Please include a brief conceptual business plan in the form of a 1-2 page narrative which explains the project, how it meets as many as possible of the 11 characteristics above (including the proposed impact and how you will measure it), and describe how a seed grant would be used to accelerate your project. *
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What are your desired outcomes from being featured in an EF iLab? *
We invite interested applicants to submit a brief video highlighting the project in less than 5 minutes. All videos should be submitted to Romana Lee-Akiyama, Program Officer, at rlee-akiyama@efworld.org by May 1, 2017. Please indicate whether or not you plan to submit a video with your application.
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