SFU eSports Executive Team Hiring
SFU eSports Assc is expanding our executive team as eSports and our own community here at SFU continues to grow. As usual, we are not only looking for applicants with the most suitable experience but with the willingness and passion to see SFU eSports succeed.

From Dec 11 to January 5th, we will be looking to fill these positions:

Positions to be Filled:

Vice-President External Affairs - https://goo.gl/roFk53

External Affairs Executive - https://goo.gl/2Gzbaj

Internal Executive - https://goo.gl/U73K2F

General Club Executive -https://goo.gl/St8iz2

Game Directors/Executive - https://goo.gl/dYizEB

- Dota 2
- HotS
- Starcraft
- Overwatch
- League of Legends
- SSB Melee

Graphic Designer

Content Creation

Graphic Designer
Create banners, posters, and media for events and website
Work on portfolios and other fun projects of your interest

Content Creation
Create content for the website and social media including videos, montages, and articles
Choose what you want to create, we encourage creative freedom!

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