2020 OWNZ Recreational Membership Form
The Recreational Membership form is for first-time athletes who have not been financial members of OWNZ or competed at anytime in the past. Athletes must complete a Recreational Membership Form BEFORE they compete in an OWNZ sanctioned club competition.

This is to ensure all athletes competing in OWNZ sanctioned events agree to our anti-doping rules & regulations & for OWNZ to collect participation data.

Please note that the Recreational Member Form does not allow your competition results to be included in our national rankings & qualifications.

This Recreational Membership can only be used ONCE. After that , athletes must register with OWNZ as a financial member.

If you would like your results to be recognised, please complete the Competitive Member registration by clicking this link: https://memberdesq.onesporttechnology.com/2803/org

Main benefits of becoming a 2020 Competitive Member:
- Your competition results from an OWNZ sanctioned event will be included in all OWNZ rankings & results
- You can then go on and compete at OWNZ National Events
- If you meet the Junior or Senior qualification grade, you can compete at the 2020 National Championships!
- If you meet the International grade for your age group, you could be selected into a New Zealand Team!
- You are eligible to break a New Zealand Record if at a Record Breaking Event!!

If you decide to compete more than once, then you must sign up as a competitive member of OWNZ using the link above & pay the annual subscription fees.
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