EWB Austin Director of Finance
- Responsible for the entire Chapter’s fundraising, targeting different methods for fundraising.
- Research and write grant proposals with the assistance of Project Leads.
- File financial reports required by EWB-USA.
- Documents (including grant proposals and financial reports) required to be submitted to any other agency for official review and / or approval, must be reviewed by the Board prior to submittal. The Board shall be afforded two (2) weeks for review, not inclusive of any time necessary for the Directors of Finances to incorporate changes.
- Work with Project Leads to ensure that funds are collected and allocated properly.
- Create and maintain an overall budget to monitor Chapter funds.
- Provide quarterly financial updates to the Board (April, July, October & January)
- Organize donations and transactions.
- Manage Voting Members database, with the assistance of the Directors of Operations and Secretary (if this position is filled).
- Oversee the activities of the Fundraising Coordinator, Water Trotter Urban Challenge (WTUC) Coordinator, Grants Coordinator and Treasurer (if these positions are filled).

EWB Austin Bylaws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VQIutyKYpCHuWre7FDATJm9ybGKqb0rElvyG808A9yQ/edit?usp=sharing
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