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Things to Know
Poetry Present is a weekly email that includes one poem and a short bio about the poet. Poets featured include those who live in Cobourg or nearby, visit Cobourg, or are inspired by the history, people or places in Cobourg and the surrounding area.

Submissions are accepted throughout the year. Submit one poem at a time. Multiple submissions from poets of all ages are welcome.

The poet holds the copyright.
If selected, your poem will be used one time only in the email distribution of Poetry Present.
Archives of the Weekly publication may be kept for a time.
There is no compensation.
You may not be notified in advance which week your poem will appear.
There will be no copy editing so be sure to submit clean copies of your poem and your bio.
Visual poetry is accepted (as PDF, JPG, or PNG).
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Before You Submit
Please have a buddy proofread/edit your poem and your bio. Editing will not be provided. Selections will be made based on poems that are ready to publish.
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How should I email my poem?
Most types of files will work.

Some options include:
Word document (.doc) files
Rich Text Format (.rtf) files
Portable Document Format (.pdf) files
For more visual poetry: JPEG, PNG, or PDF.
Any questions or ideas?
FYI: How are poems selected?
Poems are personally selected by the Poet Laureate of Cobourg considering some of the following criteria:
Is the poem ready to publish? (No editing required)
Is the bio ready to publish? (No editing required)
Does the poem support the mission and vision of the Poet Laureate?
Has the poet subscribed to Poetry Present?
Is the poet connected to Cobourg and Northumberland?

We will aim for a diverse range of poems and poets.
Feedback or rationale for selection will not be given to individual poets or readers.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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