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PRIDE GUIDE: All advertisements must be paid in full prior to Wednesday, April 1st, 2020. All ad cancellations must be submitted in writing prior to the artwork deadline. The publisher reserves the right to charge up to 100% of the rate for any advertising space placed, but subsequently cancelled after the deadline date. The publisher assumes no liability for the content of advertised materials including copy, illustrations and/or photography. All materials and advertisements are subject to the publisher’s approval. The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement. VENDORS: All vendors & exhibitors must adhere to all City of London Vendor Policies & Procedures, as outlined in Section 16.0 of the 2019 Special Events Policies & Procedures Manual. The Undersigned acknowledges & agrees it is their responsibility to provide liability insurance & shall provide proof. Further the Undersigned voluntarily assumes all risks associated with the rental space, however caused or created, whether by or through the action/inaction, and/or negligence of all or any Pride London Festival, its Directors, Officers, Agents, Representatives & Volunteers. The Undersigned waives any right to claim against & saves harmless the Pride indemnities in respect of all claims, demands, losses & or damages of any nature or kind. Vendors may cancel their registration in Pride London Festival & receive a full refund minus a 20% administration fee up until Tuesday, June 30th, 2020. After that date no refunds or exchanges will be issued.
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