2016 International Conference for Organic agriculture and Sustainability Managements in Taiwan
Conference Information
• Time: 09:00~17:00, 29 – 30 May, 2016
• Place: International conference room, 55, sec.1. Nanhua rd. Dalin, Chiayi, Taiwan
• Organized by: The Sustainability Center of Nanhua University. The Association of Agriculture Education, ROC. Mingdao University.
• Sponsored by: Committee of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Executive Yuan, Taiwan, Ministry of Education.
• Traffic information: http://www2.nhu.edu.tw/zh_tw/page/traffic。The shuttle timetable from Tamio Station to Nanhua University : http://mail.nhu.edu.tw/~general/traffic.pdf
• Accommodation message: http://m.store.bluezz.tw/hotel/?id=24830
• Contact Information: Nanhua University 05-3102100 Ext 2601、2606;The Association of Agriculture Education, ROC. 04-8876660 Ext 3703

Inspired by its Buddhist principles and mission and guided by the strategic vision and leadership of President Dr. Tsong Ming Lin, a new centre of excellence for advance studies, research and experiment is going to establish at NanHua University, Taiwan.

NanHua University aims to become an institution nationally and globally well-known for its excellence in sustainability oriented courses, scientific research and experiments as well as in its outreach to communities, industries, civic and business organizations and public institutions.

NanHua University is set to become a light-house and exercise a strong cultural leadership in Taiwanese society through its scientific outputs and practical solutions regarding the burning issues of environmental care, human wellness, financial viability and ethical economic affairs. NanHua University, already well-known for its forward-looking academic programs and a beautiful campus immersed in a lush green landscape, is trying to lead by example of its own internal (campus) sustainability through its strive towards zero emission, zero waste, wellness of students and staff, and maximization of organic and local products.

The objectives of NHU Sustainability Centre are as following:
1. To develop a permanent interdisciplinary and inter-college platform of scholars and practitioners from all disciplines (arts, management, natural sciences and technology, humanities and social sciences) in order to design and deliver teaching courses, research projects and solution-oriented experiments in ‘sustainability’.
2. To lead by example: transforming NanHua University into an ideal example and a role-model of sustainable organization through all its management systems and decision making processes.
3. To provide high quality services to various governmental, business and non-governmental organizations in Taiwan and abroad through executive training, applied (commissioned) research and consultancy.
4. To disseminate scientific, technological, cultural and artistic items through all possible mediums and channels to promote ‘sustainability’ with a global and inter-cultural (ecumenical) outlook.
5. To consolidate NanHua University’s role as a creative hub of international and inter-cultural collaborative network of scholars and practitioners, concerned with ‘sustainability’, from Taiwan and from abroad.

NHU President Dr. Lin has already set up an interdisciplinary team of scholars from various NHU colleges and has entrusted its coordination to Prof. Dr. Shih-Shiung Chen, Dean of the NHU College of Science & Technology, a well-known scholar and a pioneer in organic agriculture in Taiwan.

NanHua University’s core concept of ‘sustainability’ is deeper and broader (and, certainly, more pragmatic) than the conventional environmentalism guided just by the worries of climate change. For NanHua University ‘sustainability’ means a continuous strive to generate and increase value of all existing assets in terms of wellness, prestige and finance; while containing and decreasing the volume in terms of material flow, waste generation and environmental impact. Strive for sustainability is a holistic strategy leading to the long-term wellness and competitiveness of organizations, communities and place-systems.

The 2016 International Conference is organized to enhance NanHua University Sustainability Centre for making a positive contribution in this regard; and provide a collaboration platform for leadership of organic agriculture and sustainability in Taiwan. The purpose of the conference is to initiate discussion and stimulate the exploration of opportunity for Nan Hua University to realise their vision and develop a clear action plan forward.

• Leaders of the organic sector and movements of sustainability in Taiwan and the world.
• Keynote speakers and moderators (including IFOAM executive director,Mr. Markus Arbenz, IFOAM President, Mr. Andre Leu from Australia, OANZ Mr. Brendan Hoare from New Zealand. and President of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Dr. Eugene Chien)
• Over 250 participants around Taiwan and the World (related agencies, academia, certification bodies, local governments, business, etc)

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5/29 (Sun.) 【Organic Farming】English speech, 5/30 (Mon.) 【Sustainable Management】Chinese speech.
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