GTN-P portal (webpage) and database survey
This is a short survey which we will use to identify ways of improvement of the GTN-P portal and database.

Information privacy disclosure
The data resulting from the survey is anonymous (if you wish, you can provide an e-mail address at the end of the survey) and will be used exclusively within the GTN-P project.
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1. Do you use the GTN-P portal as it is now? *
2. If not, what makes it unusable for you?
3. What can we do to improve the GTN-P portal ( *
4. What else can we do to make the portal more appealing?
5. What does not work properly on the data portal (
6. Which functionality would you add to the data portal in the first place? *
7. If the function which you need most is not listed above, please, specify it here
8. Which function(s) could be removed from the data portal?
9. Is it easy to add data to the portal? *
10. If it is difficult, how can we make it easier?
11. Is it easy to search and retrieve data? *
12. If it is difficult to search and retrieve data, how can we make it better?
13. Is it easy to export data? *
14. If it is not easy to export data, how can we improve the process?
15. Do you use the provided data visualization tool? *
Which additional attributes should we add to the database?
Do you use DOI in regards to the GTN-P datasets?
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18. Which additional parameters should we add to the database?
In case we would have some questions considering your answers, it would be great, if we could reach you via e-mail! Please provide us your e-mail address, if you would like to be reachable for us.
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