2018-2019 Michigan State Running Club Registration
Welcome to the MSU Running Club! Please note that your registration and membership is not finalized until you pay your $60 dues. This can be done on Venmo to @MSU-Running or in person to Natalie (our treasurer) or another officer. Please make checks out to Michigan State University Running Club. Please note that we cannot make any refunds under any circumstances.
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This will be the email used for all club communication including weekly emails and travel information. We won't spam you.
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Will you be competing in mens or womens races? *
Through NIRCA, meets are split into mens and womens races
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Do you have a car you can drive in a carpool to social or travel events? *
You will never be forced to drive and can decide with each event whether you want to drive or not. Drivers are reimbursed for gas.
If you can drive, how many people (total, including yourself) can you seat in your car?
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Check to agree that you have read and agreed to the terms of the Michigan State University Running Club Constitution and agree to abide by all policies and rules set forth by said document. (Document can be downloaded at http://www.msurunningclub.org/uploads/7/3/4/1/73414471/constitution-january-2017.doc) *
Dues are a once a year fee of $60 and cover membership for fall and spring semesters. How are you paying your $60 dues? (Checks made out to Michigan State Running Club; Registration is not complete until you pay the $60) *
Please note that there are no refunds! The $60 covers both fall and spring semesters, so if you end up busier than expected, join us again during the spring.
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